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The 1st Brigade Headquarters (1BDEHQ) is provides the out of game logistics for the operation of the unit. Most structures within this unit are fictional as they are not critical to immersion, and would not operate appropriately for a MILSIM unit. Positions within 1BDEHQ do not get ranks as they are not ingame positions.


Chief Commanding Officer's Office

The 1st Brigade MILSIM Unit is overseen by the Chief Commanding Officer's Office (CCO's Office). The CCO's Office is responsible for oversight of the unit, management of the unit, and providing support to all areas of the unit. The Headquarters is primarily responsible for out of game administration of the unit.

The CCO's Office is made up of 2-3 people: (Combination of the below)

  • Chief Commanding Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer

Chief Commanding Officers

The following people have commanded 1BDE:

  • L.Thompson (July 2018 - Present)
  • J.Volki (July 2018 - Present)

Chief Executive Officers

The following people have served an executive officer of 1BDE:

Staff Sections

Staff Sections provide specalised administrative support in different areas that are required for 1st Brigades operations.
The sections lead by a Senior Staff and a Junior Staff. Additional staff are accepted at the discretion of the section leadership.

Staff Section 1

Public Relations and Human Resources
Staff Section One (S1) administers our personnel database, manages initial recruiting, manages the reserve corps and deals with leaves of absences.

Staff Section 2

Technical Administration
Staff Section Two (S2) administers our website, TeamSpeak server and game servers.

Staff Section 3

Realism Research
Staff Section Three (S3) administer our training documentation, ensuring it is as realistic as it can be.

Staff Section 4

Training and Recruit Management
Staff Section Four (S4) manage all our basic training and specialist courses while overseeing recruits and ensuring their integration into the unit is smooth.

Staff Section 5

Mission Creation, Standards and Logistics
Staff Section Five (S5) create our missions, ensure they are kept to a high standard and keep track of our assets we still have available in a deployment.

HQ Meetings

HQ meets once a fortnight to discuss the management and administration issues within the unit. Any member can attend HQ Meetings as an observer but voting members are limited to:

  • Every member of the CCO's Office (Max 3)
  • The most senior member of Staff Sections 1 though 5
  • The most senior member of a regiment or battalion

There are some additional HQ Officeholder roles that provide support to HQ and ensure everything runs smoothly, and the correct information is given to HQ members:

For more detail on the makeup of HQ meetings refer to point 5. Standing Orders.