Mod Installation

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Mods are a key part of the 1BDE community, you will need them to play ops with us and for training.

Finding and installing the mod files

  • Navigate to the "Members Area" spacer on the 1BDE Teamspeak
  • Right click on the spacer and select "Open file browser"
  • Right click on the file called "ArmA 3 Mod Preset 1BDE Mod *most recent date code*" and download it
  • Open the ArmA 3 launcher and navigate to the mods tab
  • In the Top right hand corner navigate to presets tab and click import
  • Select the "ArmA 3 Mod Preset 1BDE Mod *most recent date code*" file
  • Your Mods should begin downloading through the steam client

Launching ArmA with the mods

  • Open the ArmA 3 Launcher
  • Click on the arrow next to the play button
  • Select the most recent 1BDE Preset
  • Your ArmA should Launch

If you are having any issue with the instructions or with installing please contact a member of Staff Section 2