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Training is conducted by Staff Section 4 members. To find out who is qualified to train you in a specific area, refer to their channel on TeamSpeak 3.

Basic Infantry Training (BIT)

Basic Infantry Training is the initial training that everyone in the unit has to undergo. It teaches the basics of being in a general infantry section.
Estimated 3-4 Hours

Advanced Infantry Training (AIT)

These are short, (In most cases under 1 hour, at a section level) training qualifications that people can take to play as different positions within the infantry.

Grenadier (GNDR)

This teaches you the basics of being a grenadier in a section, going into detail on how to operate the under-slung grenade launcher.
Estimated 25 Minutes

Marksman (MK)

This AIT focuses on how to operate the HK417 Marksman Rifle. It also teaches you the basics of ACE Ballistics, Wind and other things that will effect you at longer ranged engagements.
Estimated 45 Minutes'

Machine Gunner (MG)

This AIT focuses on how to use the Para Minimi effectively.
Estimated 30 Minutes

Combat First Responder (CFR)

This AIT focuses on a slightly more in-depth look into ACE Advanced Medical. It expands on the things you've already learnt in BIT, increasing proficiency and teaching more skills relevant to being a medic.
Estimated 1 hour 30 minutes

Combat Medic (CM)

This AIT goes further into ACE Medical, expanding on knowledge and teaching you how to operate as a platoon level medic.
Estimated 1 hour

Signaller (SIGS)

This AIT focuses on operating the AN/PRC-152 and AN/PRC-117F radio, and teaches the formal RATEL that has to be used while operating the long range radios.
Estimated 4 hours

Net Control Station (NCS)

This AIT focuses on perfecting already know skills, and learning how to operate effectively as a "Net Control Station" at a platoon level and above.
Estimated 2 hours

Mortars (MOR)

This AIT focuses on how to use a mortar, and operate in a mortar team.
Estimated 2 hours

Snipers (SNPR)

This AIT goes further indepth into Advanced Ballistics, with the effects of wind and using devices to calculate trajectory. It also teaches you how to operate in a Sniper Section as either a spotter or a sniper with the SR-98 Snipers Rifle.
Estimated 3 hours

Surveillance (SURV)

This AIT teaches you how to best use thermal imagery, and long ranged video capabilities to provide surveillance capabilities for other assets. It goes into depth about maintaining stealth, and how you will operate as a part of the 4 person Surveillance Section.
Estimated 1 hour

Heavy Weapons (HW)

This teaches you about operating the Carl Gustaf M3 84 mm recoilless rifle for anti-tank capabilities and the MAG-58 7.62 General Support Machine Gun (GSMG). It also teaches you about operating as part of a maneuver support section.
Estimated 1.5 hours

Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

This goes in-depth about utilising, detecting, disarming and destroying explosive devices. It teaches you how to use all the equipment, including things like the Talon Mark II robot, IED Jammers and more. It also teaches you about operating as part of the 6th Engineer Support Regiment's 20th EOD Squadron.
Estimated 3 hours

Vehicle Training (VT)

Bushmaster (VT: BUSHY)

The Bushmaster is a Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV) that can be used to carry infantry from one location to another. It comes in both an armed, and unarmed variant. This course will teach you about the basics of operating the weapons systems, and driving this vehicle.
Estimated 30 minutes

Boxer CRV (VT: BOXR)

The Boxer CRV is the armoured fighting vehicle utilised by our mechanised infantry sections.

Boxer Driver (VT: BOXR-DVR)

Boxer Gunner (VT: BOXR-GNR)

Boxer Commander (VT: BOXR-CMD)

M1A1 Abrams Tanks (VT: M1A1)

The Boxer CRV is the tank utilised by the 1st Armoured Regiment.

M1A1 Abrams Driver (VT: M1A1-DVR)

M1A1 Abrams Loader (VT: M1A1-LDR)

M1A1 Abrams Gunner (VT: M1A1-GNR)

M1A1 Abrams Commander (VT: M1A1-CMD)

Rotary Training (RT)

NRH-90 Taipan (RT: TAPN)

The NRH-90 Taipan is the Medium Utility Helicopter utilised by our 5th Aviation Regiment for cargo and specialist asset transport.

NRH-90 Taipan Loadmaster (RT: TAPN-LM)

NRH-90 Taipan First Officer(RT: TAPN-FO)

NRH-90 Taipan Commander (RT: TAPN-CMD)

Leadership Training (LT)

Section Commander (J-NCO)

This is the first command level AIT. To do this AIT you need to be qualified in all other section level AITs. This focuses on commanding a section of about 8 soldiers and teaches you about being a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer. You need this to be either the 2IC or commander of a section.
Estimated 1 hour & probation period

Platoon Sergeant (S-NCO)

This is the second level command AIT. To do this AIT you need to have A-SIGS + J-NCO. This focuses on being the 2IC of a platoon of about 28 people and teaches you about being a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer.
Estimated 1 hour & probation period

Platoon Commander (JO)

This is the first officer level AIT. To do this AIT you need to have S-NCO. This focuses on being the commander of a platoon and teaches you about being a junior officer.
Estimated 30 minutes & probation period (OCdt rank while on probation)

Senior Officer (SO)

This is the top level officer AIT. To do this AIT you need to have JO. This teaches you about being a senior officer, and focuses on the area in which you are a senior officer in.